Licensed Clinical Psychologist



Dr. Santana is a bilingual Spanish/English-speaking Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist PY9518 who earned her doctoral degree from Carlos Albizu University. She has expertise in treating neurologically impaired patients with a diverse clinical diagnosis including: traumatic brain injury, dementia, polytrauma, stroke and other neurological disorder’s with comorbid disorders. She also has extensive experience conducting bilingual neuropsychological evaluations. In addition, she provides psychotherapeutic services to a wide-range of clinical issues including coping with life changes, trauma, depression and anxiety. She also provides cognitive training/rehabilitation for individuals with concerns of memory loss and traumatic brain injury individuals. Dr. Santana treats adolescents, adults, geriatric populations.

Dr. Santana’s therapeutic approach to treatment is solution-focused and eclectic in which she employs a multifaceted range of techniques tailored to identify the best treatment and meet needs the client. Dr. Santana has expertise in conducting comprehensive psychoeducational and adult neuropsychological evaluations.

Dr. Santana is a certified qualified supervisor for licensed mental health clinicians, she has extensive training and expertise working in the forensic population conceptualizing and completing neuropsychological reports for death penalty cases and other criminal cases for litigation purposes, as well as providing psychotherapy for alleged sex offenders court-order for sexual specific treatment. Dr. Santana also has been teaching undergraduate and graduate psychology courses for over 7 years, and currently is an adjunct at Broward College. Dr. Santana is also recognized as one of the Latino American Who’s Who for her achievements and she is also a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, Hispanic Neuropsychological Society, Florida Association of Psychology, American Psychological Association and the Association of Black Psychologist.